7 Best Bee Sting Home Remedies – Do They Really Work?

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Bees generally lose their life, too, once they lose their stinger. So, it will meander and fly away if you don’t behave aggressively with them. However, there is no doubt that a bee sting can be fatal if not treated immediately. So, you must know bee sting home remedies for emergency cases.

Bee sting home remedy becomes more critical to naturally hyperallergic people to the venom left by the bee sting. It can induce breathing difficulties and increase pulse rate, sending them to a state of anaphylactic shock. It is a severe form of allergic reaction that can lead to death if not treated properly.

Though you should always go to a doctor if stung by a bee, some emergency first-aid is essential to avoid immediate danger. Bee sting home remedies discussed in our article are very effective that can save a life without any doubt.

Some Of The Best Bee Sting Home Remedies

  • Apply ice water and squeeze out the sting

The first and foremost that you need to do is scrap the injured area with the help of a credit card or something like that. Try to squeeze out the sting inserted so that the venom can exit from the body as much as possible.

Wait until the sting is ultimately out, and then apply ice water with a little bit of soap for at least 20 minutes. This process can help you relieve the pain and swelling in a few hours. Watch out to avoid starching on the area no matter how much it itches, as scratching can lead to infections. This is one of the best home remedies bee stings.

  • Use raw onion or potato

This is one of the ancient bee sting home remedies popular among our ancestors before medical science progressed. You have to take a fresh and raw onion and potato to reduce the initial pain coming from the bee sting.

Both of these veggies have anti-inflammatory properties, and applying them soothes the skin while reducing the pain and further infections. Make sure you peel them and cut them into small slices so the extracted juice can be appropriately applied to the infected area.

  • Using garlic juice

Garlic is a powerhouse for treating injuries. When it comes to the bee sting part, garlic is the most easy-going bee sting home remedy that is already sitting at your home. Extract the garlic juice as clean as possible and gently apply it to the infected skin.

Keep it for 20 minutes before you wash the area with gentle and germ-preventing soap. This method is known to be quite effective on bee sting infections. However, contact a doctor after you initially apply this remedy.

  • Using Lavender essential oil

If you want to go for an anti-septic or antibiotic bee sting home remedy rather than veggies, lavender essential oil might be the best solution. It is an active neutralizer that works on removing the venom immediately after applying.

The inflammatory properties of lavender essential oil boast in dissolving the swelling without much damage to the skin. 2-3 drops of this liquid are enough for neutralizing the sting while reducing the infection and pain. For better results, you can mix it with coconut oil.

  • Using mud and water

Assuming that you are in an open place and cannot get hold of any of the natural or chemical medications for treating a bee sting, you need to go back to the primitive ways to save your life. Collect some mud and clean water and gently apply it to the wound.

Ensure you apply enough water to spread the mixture to the infected area evenly. Do clean it once you get home and immediately go to a doctor to get the appropriate medication. This bee sting home remedy should only be used if none of the other remedies is available.

  • Using honey

It may sound ridiculous that honey can cure the infection caused by a honey bee. It turns out honey is one of the most popular home remedies bee stings that have been used forever. Dab honey onto the wound and then leave it for 30 minutes after covering it with a sanitized gauge.

As ironic as it is, honey is an effective remedy to bee stings. However, people who are allergic to honey should never be treated with honey for understandable reasons.

  • Using toothpaste

You will be appalled to know what is the go-to home remedies bee stings for most people. One of them is toothpaste. As toothpaste is always present in someone’s home, most people like to apply toothpaste on the inured skin from the skin in panic-ridden situations.

Though an alkaline toothpaste surely reduces the pain and inflammation caused by the bee sting, there is no clinical research proving it is an effective bee sting home remedy. Apply it with caution, as the skin might react to toothpaste adversely before seeking medical help.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I be concerned about a bee sting?

 Bee stings are a problematic case. You should seek medical help if none of the bee sting home remedies works and swelling and pain stays longer than 24 hours.

Are delayed reactions to a bee sting normal?

 Yes, it is. Sometimes reactions can occur after hours, as long as four. Do not sit idle if a bee bites you. Apply home remedies for bee stings or seek medical help, depending on the severity of the bite.

How long should the swelling of a bee sting last?

 While severe burning and pain commonly last for only 1-2 hours, swelling can last from 48 hours to & days if treatment is seen working. Opting for a bee sting home remedy would be advisable for early treatment of the swelling.

Is the venom of the bee sting fatal?

Do not take the bee sting lightly, as the venom can cost you your life. Take precautions and go for home remedies bee stings as per your choice to prevent the venom from being fatal. Squeezing the venom can also be helpful.

How long bee venom stays in the body?

The symptoms of the bee sting venoms generally go away within 48 hours, meaning the venom has exited the body. However, only medical check-ups can conclude whether or not the bee sting venom has exited the body. Using bee sting home remedies can naturally help that cause.

Final Words

We have tried to provide some of the best bee sting home remedies that can help you combat bee stings in the comfort of your home. However, seek medical help in emergencies or consult with a doctor even if the symptoms have improved to prevent further complications. Do not rely on a bee sting home remedy if your condition has worsened.

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