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As everyone knows, and we previously mentioned, ferrets are notorious for eating everything they can get access to. This habit sometimes leads those poor ferrets to severe health conditions such as gastrointestinal blockage. There is no option but to rely on ferret blockage home remedy in these situations.

However, blockages occur in the stomach and intestines and in the throat (oesophagus) area for ferrets. These blockages cause tremendous pain for the delicate ferrets, and pet parents cannot refrain from worrying. In those cases, ferret blockage home remedy works as a first-aid and prevents further manifestation of the disease.

When it comes to young ferrets, gastrointestinal obstruction is more than the adult ferrets. As young ferrets are more eager to eat anything they can get, sometimes they consume some foreign objects like rubber, plastic, waste fabric and even indigestible garbage. Knowing ferret blockage home remedy can save you from a sudden panic and a trip to the vet’s office.

Ferrets can face gastrointestinal obstruction just not from foreign objects but also from their hair. Sometimes ferrets ingest too much of their hair, causing blockage to their throat and stomach. Keeping them in observation can be the best ferret blockage home remedy that can save you a lot of money and sleep and keep your pet safe.

Symptoms of Ferret Blockage

The best precaution here is to look for the symptoms early on. Closely supervising the ferrets can save them from the severity of the blockage issue. You can be able to use a ferret blockage home remedy on your delicate ferrets, eventually saving their lives. The symptoms can be a bit complex, but we have discussed them further in the below article for your assistance.

Loss of appetite

If your pet ferret is not cuddling, playing or even not coming out of its cage, consider it a red flag. Additionally, if they are not even interested in eating, it could probably be a sign of a ferret blockage. These two are the most common symptoms of GI tract blockage.

Change in the colour of faeces

If you find their faeces in a dark green or black colour with a gummy texture, you should take your ferret to the vet or apply ferret blockage home remedy; this can be a significant sign of gastrointestinal blockage.

Weight loss

If you suspect that your ferret has consumed something foreign that has led to the blockage but cannot be quite sure if your ferret faced a blockage in its throat or stomach, one thing you can do is weigh them down. If you notice that it has lost significantly considerable amounts of weight, then apply one ferret blockage home remedy and wait for the results.


Vomiting can be a particular sign of a GI tract blockage. However, waiting for vomiting to happen to confirm the ferret blockage would be too risky and time-consuming, and sometimes vomiting doesn’t even occur. So, if you suspect anything, apply ferret blockage home remedy or take your ferret to a vet without wasting time.

Home Remedies For Ferret Blockage

  • Feeding 1 tablespoon of pumpkin

If you have suspicions about a GI tract blockage or a stomach blockage of your pet ferret, the first ferret blockage home remedy you should try out is feeding him one tablespoon of pure canned pumpkin and then wait one hour.

If your ferret is not fond of pumpkin, you can add some pumpkin to a small bowl and then add a little bit of water. Then warm the mixture up in a microwave for a few minutes and feed it to your ferret.

If he’s still not a fan of this, add some egg to trick your pet, and drizzle some salmon or coconut oil on the top.

  • Feeding 1 tablespoon of Vaseline

If you want to apply a ferret blockage home remedy to ensure your pet ferret’s safety, the 2nd step should be feeding him a tablespoon of petroleum jelly or what we call Vaseline and again wait for one hour.

We can all consider that Vaseline does not particularly taste good, and ferrets though they can eat everything indigestible, can be pretty picky when you serve them something. To avoid the hassle, you can put 2 tablespoons of Vaseline in a plastic bag and submerge the bag so that it becomes a thin liquid.

Place the liquid Vaseline in a small bowl and crumble treats and drizzle salmon oil on top of this to make it consumable to your ferret. Use your finger so that the ferret willingly licks it from your finger.

Expected results of these remedies

As you apply ferret blockage home remedy, document everything and take photos along the way. You need to write exactly what your ferret has eaten, drunk, or even pooped. The photos will help you understand what condition your ferret is in if you are simply relying on the ferret blockage home remedy only.

You have to continue using these remedies alternatively, keeping the in-between gap of 1 hour constant until orange pumpkin large poops come out. Usually, the orange poop can be seen in 2-3 hours. Dissect with a knife to check if the blocking object has passed with the stool.

The whole process can take almost 4 hours. If your ferret shows signs of vomiting, crashing, pooping mucous or blood, immediately stop your ferret blockage home remedy and take your ferret to a vet without wasting any minute.

Even when your ferret has passed the orange stool and the blocking object, continue feeding him a tablespoon of pumpkin daily for the next 3-4 days to ensure there is no blocking object left, thus fulfilling the sole purpose of the ferret blockage home remedy.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if I find that my ferret has a total blockage?

Waste no time. It can be fatal to your ferret, and you need to hurry to the vet’s office for proper treatment.

Are these ferret blockage home remedies trustworthy?

 Yes, they are. Usually, you can rely on these remedies for passing the object in a few hours. But in case any adverse signs are shown, stop the process immediately and contact your vet for proper treatment recommendation.

What are the symptoms of a blocking object in the stomach of ferrets?

 The common symptoms of a possible foreign object in the stomach of ferrets are generally vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite, hypersalivation, blood in stools, stomach pain and discomfort etc.

Final Words

ferret blockage home remedy can be your saviour when it comes to the blockage of either throat or GI tracts of ferrets. Apart from the mentioned ones, you can give laxatives to your ferret to ease their discomfort. Do not sit idle for days waiting for your ferret to pass the object, as it can be deadly. Consultation with a vet is always the best way to go.

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