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There are are many home remedies for abortion available that anyone can afford. They are safe , natural and easily consumable because they are natural ways. Unplanned pregnancy can cause different problems in our life. Its negative impact creates a lot of tensions in our life. The  abortion home remedies can fetch a sob of relief in our life who are searching for it.

There are some foods and herbs which can be used as home remedies for abortion

  • Eating pineapples
  • Consuming  Goji Berry
  • Adding parsely in our food
  • Taking Vitamin C supplements
  • Consuming Banana leaves
  • Consuming Mugwort Leaves
  • Addind sesame  Seeds to Food
  • Consuming Acacia Pods
  • Taking Evening Primerose oil for Supplements
  • Drinking Chamomile Tea
  • Drinking Cinnamon Tea or Adding Cinnamon to Food

Some Of The Best Home Remedies For Abortion

Excessive consumption of these abortion home remedies can cause natural abortion at home. But it is advised to consult a doctor first.

  • Vitamin C , known as one of the best abortion home remedies ,  has natural ascorbic acid which is called as natural contraceptive that restricts the production of progesterone and accelerate the production of estrogen. It creats hormone imbalance in the body which brings abortion. 
  • Papaya has papain which is acidic in nature and creats natural abortion.
  • Pineapple has bromelain enzyme which is very much effective among home remedies for abortion.It makes women cervix even and stops pregnancy. It does not cause cany damage to the women body also.
  • Soak one handfull of sesame overnight. Drink it in the morning. It is a safe procedure at home abortion remedy.
  • Green tea also helps in natural abortion. Too much taking of green tea helps in infertility and produces natural abortion.
  • Pomegranate seeds are also very effective among home remedies for abortion. It has been used for decades as a home method for abortion.
  • Cinnamon is also a well-known natural at home abortion remedy for pregnancy. Take it from the very first day of pregnancy. It will interrupt pregnancy causing abortion.
  • Tamarind , a very much effective at home abortion remedy , contains high amount of vitamin c , which in excess can supress the production of progesterone in body , causing natural abortion.
  • Undercooked or raw fish especially shellfish can cause infections that can be viral , bacterial or parasitic.It can lead to miscarriage or abortion.
  • Raw sprouts gets bacteria into the seeds before the sprouts begin to grow. Eating sprouts can cause early signs of abortion.
  • Eating excessive amount of dates which is known as one way of abortion home remedies , create the body to heat up and even lead to uterine contractions by exciting the uterine muscles which can cause spontaneous natural abortion.
  • Aloe vera comprises of anthraquinones (good amongst other abortion home remedies) which can lead to a possible abortion.
  • Processed meat such as salami , sausages , pate minced meat , stuffed meat , pepperoni and deli meat have bacteria like listeria,  toxoplasma gondii , salmonella typhi leading to food poisoning. These type of under processed meat can lead to natural abortion.
  • Sprouted potatoes remain unused for too long. It contains solanine , chaconine and other toxic glycoalkaloids which may create spontaneous abortion at home.
  • Junk food contains high calories , fats and sugar. Consuming too much sugar leads to diabetes , weight gain , heart ailments which may cause serious helth issues even abortion.
  • Parsley water with lemon juice is one of the best home remedies for abortion in the first stage. This herb is very effective to regulate again the menstrual cycles. Take parsley water with lemon juice many times in a day to avoid pregnancy and it is beneficial for abortion.
  • Aspirin tablets are generally taken as an analgesic , they can even be taken to re-regulate menstrual cycle. Taking prescribed amount of aspirin tablets with water can lead to natural abortion.

Questions related to home remedies for abortion

  1. How do crabs help in abortion?

Although crabs are a rich source of calcium , they also consist high level of cholesterol which can cause shrinkage of the uterus and lead to abortion.

  1. Is there any chance of natural abortion by taking animal liver?

Yes , if consumed in high dosage of animal liver by pregnant woman , it promotes accumulation of retinol which works like other abortion home remedies.

  1. We often hear about drumstick as natural remedies of abortion. Is it true?

Yes , drumstick comprises alpha-sitosterol , which is detrimental to pregnancy and acts as at home abortion remedies. As drumstick is rich in iron , potassium and vitamins , it can create natural abortion.

  1. Can we eat raw-dairy food products for natural abortion?

Yes , of course. Unpasteurized milk and cheese like gorgonzola , mozzarella , feta , and   brie possess disease-carrying bacteria , which can be beneficial as at home abortion remedy. Consuming such dairy products can lead to natural abortion.

  1. How effective is alcohol for abortion at home?

Alcohol(well known as at home abortion remedy) negatively impacts the brain development of the foetus ; at the same time , it   increases the chances of miscarriage and abortion at home.

  1. Is there any other natural mean to terminate pregnancy?

Yes , black cohosh. It results in inducing premature contraction of the uterus which causes abortion.

  1. Some other home-remedies for natural abortion

  • Fenugreek seeds – These seeds are loaded with phytoestrogens , the excessive use of which causes abortion.
  • Chamomile tea tends to induce labour like properties when consumed in excess amount.
  • Caffeine , in moderation , is safe in pregnancy but increased level(over 200 gm) of caffeine consumption can lead to miscarriage or abortion.
  • Mercury-Rich fish – Fishes having high mercury content like king mackerel , orange roughly , marlin , shark , tilefish and swordfish. Excessive mercury intake can adversely affect the brain and nervous system of foetus and cause abortion.
  • Herbs – Herbs containing steroids can adversely harm the foetus growth during pregnancy. It can terminate pregnancy and make abortion.
  • Peach – Peaches are also effective for natural abortion. If it is consumed in large quantities during pregnancy , it can produce excessive heat in the body and lead to internal bleeding and abortion naturally.

Natural Activities That Are Beneficial for Abortion

  • Lying on back : Lying on back while sleeping or exercising , can cut off circulation to legs and harm the foetus causing abortion.
  • Roller coaster rides : The vertical and circular motion of rollercoasters may make nauseous , and forceful movements can lead to premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.
  • High impact aerobics : Especially if anyone has a past abortion , high impact aerobics that involves excessive jumping , hopping , and skipping must be avoided , as they make anyone loose balance and fall thus leading to abortion.
  • Contact sports : The pelvic joints become loose in preparation for childbirth , and loose ligaments and muscles are usually more prone to injury from jostling or falling. This can bring on abortion.
  • Cycling : Sitting on a cycle becomes difficult , as the belly grows during pregnancy. You may also loose balance and fall off , which is effective for abortion.
  • Crash diet : Crash diet or loosing weight during pregnancy is a potential symbol for abortion.
  • Loud noise : Alarming loud noise increases heart rate causing early sings of abortion.
  • Heavy weight lifting , running , skipping : Heavy weight lifting , running , skipping , repeated climbing of stairs for hours may also prove to be beneficial as at home abortion remedy.

Self-induced abortion with using homemade natural remedies has its risks. Anything eaten in excess can be fatal. So make sure that you reach out for doctor consultation before and after administering any abortion home remedies.

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