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Bunions are often considered a family thing, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t grow in your foot or toes if you are wearing the wrong shoes. In various researches, scientists have followed that women tend to get bunions more than men, and their stylish shoes are often to blame. Now, bunions home remedies can be a significant factor in curing bunions without seeing a doctor.

Home remedies for bunions differ from person to person based on the condition of their foot or toes. If someone has arthritis issues, bunions will trouble them more than those with healthy or flexible joints. Maintaining an unhealthy weight can also put pressure on the foot and result in a bunion.

If surgically not removed, bunions are permanent. But you can try bunion pain relief home remedies for alleviating pain and halting the growth of a bunion. Doctors advise against wearing high heeled shoes to prevent the excruciating pain and further growth of bunions.

There are many different bunions home remedies out there; some are more effective than others. It would help if you always went to a doctor when your pain is extraordinary, and no home remedy seems to be working. However, these remedies will likely prevent the bunions from getting severe whilst reducing the pain. With that being said, let’s focus on the article.

Home Remedies For Bunions On Your Own

We are here to talk about some home remedies for bunions that you can try in the comfort of your home and without having to see a doctor. However, you can try these even when you are seeing a doctor as they only help you more to get rid of the annoying bunions on your foot.

  • Wearing the right shoe

Wearing proper footwear is a must when you have bunions on your foot. Your shoes should never be too tight while widening the toe area, and the heel should not be more than 1-2 inches. It might seem that you are getting deprived of wearing, but it is one of the first and foremost bunion pain relief home remedies that can save you from the constant pain in your foot and further growth of the bunions.

Next time you are planning to buy a new pair of shoes, make sure that the shoe store has well-trained shoe fitters who can size your feet properly. The shoes will prevent you from wearing tight shoes and provide you with the best shoe for your size. Try to avoid purchasing high heels to provide some comfort to your feet.

  • Wearing shoes that provide arch support

One of the effective home remedies for bunions is wearing shoes that provide better arch support than your regular shoes or fashionable sandals. Sometimes even doctors recommend high-quality orthotic shoes as an accessory to bunion treatment. If you are looking to save a few pennies, as medicated orthotic shoes are pretty expensive, you can try shoes from Superfeet and Powerstep stores.

Shoes with no arch support put extra pressure on the big toe joint, leading to pain and bunions on the toe. After wearing these shoes for a whole day, your feet can be swollen, and if you’re already dealing with bunion issues, it can be worse. While buying shoes with arch support, do not buy only by reading the number written inside; check if both shoes fit correctly.

  • Using padding for bunions

One of the best bunions home remedies is using custom pads for relieving pain and inflammation caused by bunions. These pads are available both online and offline at relatively cheap rates. These gel-filled or moleskin pads work as a shield or cushion from a painful bunion.

Pads are probably the best bunion pain relief home remedies with only one wrong side. Pads are not for everyone’s foot, and they sometimes cause bruises and itchiness if not tested before or even increase the pressure on the bump. So, make sure that you always test them for a limited period before using them. However, they help alleviate the pain and prevent further growth of the bump.

  • Using Ice packs

As we all know, Ice is perfect for reducing pain, and this is no different either. An ice pack is one of the most effective bunions home remedies. The proper way of using an ice pack on bunions is to place the ice pack in a soft towel and then rub the towel on the bunion for about 20 minutes.

This process will help to reduce pain and redness with regular usage. Although ice packs are generally the best bunion pain relief home remedies, if you have blood circulation issues or numbness when using Ice, consult with a doctor before you apply ice packs on bunions.

  • Wearing friction reduction socks

Cotton socks are not a very good option if you have bunions on your foot. In this situation, one of the most appropriate bunions home remedies is wearing socks that produce less friction as friction might worsen the bumps on your toe. It would help if you also looked for seamless socks made of wool and spandex materials.

A combination of socks between wool and spandex produces less friction, which prevents pain. You can also look for compression socks that avoid friction, thus relieving your bunions’ pain.

  • Using toe separator

A toe separator is one of the best bunion pain relief home remedies, and this device is placed in between the first and second toe of your foot, neighbouring each other. Though it is not sufficient to fully cure the ailment, these easy-to-use bunions home remedies provide you with much-needed relief from bunions.

  • Exercise & massage therapies for bunions

When it comes to home remedies for bunions, exercises and massage therapies work pretty well. Use a tennis ball to roll under your foot or move your big toe around; using your hands can be pretty practical for tissue massage of your foot to prevent the further growth of bunions.

Exercises are also considered one of the best bunion pain relief home remedies as they strengthen your calf and quad muscles which keep you mobile and prevent bunion formations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid bunion surgeries?

Home remedies for bunions can be a great way of treating bunions without involving surgeries and associated risks. However, one needs to be patient with home remedies to start working on bunions.

Do home remedies of bunions pose any threat?

Bunion pain relief home remedies rarely pose any threats or side effects, although it’s better to consult a doctor if you face side effects like rashes.

Is it challenging to process home remedies effective for bunions?

You can quickly process almost every bunions home remedies in the comfort of your home.

Home remedies for bunions are gaining popularity daily due to the fear and allergy to surgeries among people. However, it is better to go for surgery if your bunion is much larger than the average size.

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