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Weeding can be a real threat if you like to have a beautiful garden that will catch the admirer’s eyes. The problem of weeding is real, and it harms the plants and grasses in your garden one way or another. Sometimes it is hard to check their growth, and in such times using chemicals to check the weed growth seems the only option.

But using excessive chemicals can do damage to not only your plants but also your pets or family members who use your garden. So, instead of using chemical weed repellants, there is a list of home remedies for killing weeds that can take care of unnecessary weeds without adversely affecting your plants or you.

These home remedy for weed killer can be done with simple household items that are easily available. They are cost-effective and give the desired result as any chemical weed repellant would do.

So with further ado, let us have a look at some of the home remedy weed killing that you can seek for killing your garden weeds:

Best Home Remedies For Killing Weeds

These remedies generally include pocket-friendly processes, easy to apply and simple. To apply these in most the cases, you would not even need to visit the market as these things are found in our homes most of the time:

  • Lemons

You may be familiar with the famous quotation, “if life gives you lemons…make them into this or that”. Well, if life gives you lemons, you can turn them into your home remedy for weed killer. Lemon plays a great role in keeping out this unwanted green from your lovely gardens.

  • Vodka

You may or may not like this drink, but it is for sure that the broadleaf weeds do not like it. Vodka is a good home remedy weed killer as it works excellently to keep out some weeds.

  • Borax

Besides being a good detergent powder, borax also acts as a good home remedies for killing weeds. Borax keeps the stubborn weeds out of your gardens, but you must be careful not to use it close to your flowers or vegetables as it can also harm them.

  • Landscape Fabric

If you lay down landscape fabric topped with a layer of mulch or straw, it will be a good home remedy for weed killer. The physical barrier thus created will stop the unwanted weeds from growing up and will solve the weed problem at its source.

  • Mulch

Experts have confirmed that mulch is a good home remedy weed killer whether it is used without fabric or with fabric. You can fix mulch easily, and mulch acts by keeping the temperature of your soil cool and wet and eliminating sunlight, thereby blocking all the factors needed for the growth of weeds. But remember to keep it two inches deep and off your lawn as it can also be harmful to your grass.

  • Boiling Water

Do you know plain old tap water has its uses as a home remedies for killing weeds. Boiling water has very good use in killing young weeds. You can use boiling water as a weed killer for weeds growing in cracks in sidewalks or drivewaysand you will be able to see immediate results. If you add a tablespoon of salt to the boiling water, its effect will further increase. Sometimes going old school is a viable option. 

  • Salt

When salt is sprinkled over the garden path, it fights off the weed growth. Salt acts as a good home remedy for weed killer at the tight corners of your lawn where the lawnmowers cannot reach easily. But you must be very careful while using this as it has the power to erode even the concrete surfaces and can leave your garden arid for a long time.

  • Trowels

Doing weed killing the old fashioned way involving some elbow grease is never out of the picture. You can use a narrow trowel or screwdriver as a home remedy weed killer by inserting It beneath the soil and gouging out the stubborn weeds. You should do this during or after the rains as then the ground will be wet and loose, and you can easily dig into it.

  • Newspapers

Newspaper is a good home remedies for killing weeds as it helps to exterminate low growing weeds like crabgrass and clover. You should cover these weeds with newspapers which will cut off the supply of light, thereby leading to their death. If you can put down sections and cover them with mulch, that will also have good desired results.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best-known home remedy for weed killer. They will be as good as dead if you can soak the weeds or douse them in vinegar. You must use the vinegar with 20% acetic acid content, which is mainly for horticulture purposes. It destroys the weed, but at the same time, its acidic content can decrease the pH of the soil to a great extent which can be harmful to your plants.

  • Edging

Sometimes, weeding solutions are long-lasting barriers like lawn edgings or retaining walls. You can make simple and pocket-friendly edging-from pressure treated decking boards scraps. After cutting them into 8 inch long pikes, you can hammer these pieces on the ground next to each other to form a natural edging. Thus this is also a home remedy weed killer.

  • Goats

No need to read it again; you have got it right the first time. A goat does have its uses as a home remedies for killing weeds. If the portion of unwanted vegetation is huge, you can take the help of these cute animals. They are excellent weed remedies as they can reach places where even machinery and people cannot reach, and their hooves rototill the soil while they graze. 

  • Taller grass

The length of the grass can also be a home remedy for weed killer in itself. If you leave your grass a couple or three inches longer than usual, then the chances of it getting affected by weeds automatically lessens.

  • Existing ground cover

Avoiding unnecessary ground cover can be a good home remedy week killer. If you dig up holes in your garden more often, it makes way for the unwanted plants to grow there. Most gardens have hidden weed seeds which show their effect when they reach a favourable position to grow because of your haphazard digging habits.

  • Lawn Mower

The best way to stop the weeds from spreading all over your charming garden is to pull off their bases. This is one effective home remedy weed killer. You can do this physically, but a lawnmower is always a better option. However, keep in mind that weeds with perennial roots cannot be killed in one mowing as they may grow again next year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any permanent home remedies for weeds? 

Natural substances like vinegar, salt and liquid dish soap can do the job.

How can I get rid of weeds in grass naturally?

In such cases, you can pull the weeds out by hand or follow techniques like lawn aeration or using homemade herbicides.

Final Words

Each one of the techniques mentioned above comprises a home remedy for weed killing. They are simple, easy to apply and cost-effective at the same time. But you must be very careful while applying them and wear the proper protective covering to remain safe from any ill effects if they have any.

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