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Every part of our body is equally important to take care of. The same is with our hair. Hair is an exposed part of our body. So it is easily affected by pollution and other harsh factors. Due to some irresistible causes, our hair often gets dull, rough and knotted.

 Every problem with our hair has a different solution and treatment. Like hair fall and hair damage, knotted hair is also a big issue with hair. This article will concentrate on knotted hair issues. We will also point out the most beneficial home remedies for knotted hair. 

We will make a list of the home remedies, but let us have a quick look at the reasons for which our hair gets those difficult knots. The following paragraph will discuss each of the helpful home remedies for knotted hair. 

Causes Of Knotted Hair

There are many reasons why our hair gets knotted most of the time:

When we go out, our hair is exposed to heat, dirt, smoke, pollution, and all those damaging properties of the atmosphere. The outer layer of hair strands gets rough and open due to the harshness. And they easily get knotted up with each other.

A lack of moisturization makes hair rough and hard, making it prone to knotting.

If you use a shampoo or other hair products containing a lot of chemicals and harsh elements, your hair will become knotted after shampooing.

Washing your hair more than necessary removes the outer layers of hair, resulting in knotted hair.

These are some common reasons that make our hair knotted. Now we will mention the home remedies for knotted hair that are very helpful in opening the knots of hair.

Best Home Remedies For Knotted Hair

Here are some fruitful home remedies that you can try at home, and the results are amazing:

  • Oils

The first home remedy for knotted hair is to apply oil. Oils are natural lubricants that help to free up knots very easily. When you experience a difficult knot in your hair, you can put some coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil on the knotted area and rub it very lightly. Oil makes a smooth and silky layer on the hair strands and smoothens the knots. Then comb your hair very gently. The knots will be easily removed. Another way is to apply natural oils very nicely from the scalp to the tip of your hair some hours before shampooing. You will experience no knots after the hair wash. But apply a mild shampoo.

  • Conditioner and coconut oil

Conditioner is also a good hair smoothing agent. In this home remedy for knotted hair, you have to apply a generous amount of conditioner to a tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply the mixture through the length of the hair nicely. Leave it for forty minutes and wash your hair with a mild natural shampoo. After that, you will get tangle-free, smooth hair. Your comb will meet no obstacle. Repeat this remedy twice a week.

  • Aloe Vera gel

Aloe vera is a well-known hair conditioner for various hair issues. This home remedy for knotted hair nourishes the hair by providing the necessary moisture. For this remedy, you have to make a mixture of vera gel, coconut oil, and almond oil or olive oil. Mix them well and apply from the scalp to the hair end. Leave it for an hour, and every time, wash with a mild shampoo. Apply conditioner after shampooing and rewash it. This will help you to get knot-free hair that you can comb smoothly.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Applying an apple cider vinegar solution is another home remedy for knotted hair. Mix half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of water. Combine the ingredients and apply to the knotted area for ten minutes; wash your hair with lukewarm water. You can easily see that the knots have been opened very smoothly.

  • Baking soda and coconut oil

Baking soda is also a great element that has soothing properties. This home remedy for knotted hair needs half a tablespoon of baking soda and half a tablespoon of conditioner. Mix these elements into a smooth paste and apply it, especially to the knots. Baking soda removes the foreign dirt from the hair, which is the reason for firming hair knots most of the time. After five minutes, wash your hair with lukewarm water and comb it through. You will get the result immediately, and the knots will be cleared smoothly.

  • Ice cubes

Sometimes you experience an unexpected knot formed with some foreign particles in your hair that is very difficult to comb off. We are giving you one of the easiest home remedies for knotted hair that will enable you to detangle the knot immediately. All you have to do is just take an ice cube and rub it on the knots gently. Ice will help freeze the dirt and particles and loosen the hair strands. At that time, apply some conditioner to the area and comb the hair gently. This is a beneficial and instant-honey remedy for severe knots. 

  • Nourishing hair packs

People who face problems with hair knots need to understand that it may be a reason for hair damage and dryness. A useful home remedy for knotted hair is using natural and nourishing hair packs to smooth hair and provide nourishment. Many hair packs help to get rid of rough and damaged hair. You may try curd and honey hair packs. Henna is also a natural hair pack that helps to smooth hair. You may apply the ripe banana paste, avocado and olive oil hair packs.

  • Serum

Hair serum works like a magic wand, instantly loosening all those tangled knots in your hair. It lubricates hair by providing a smooth layer on the hair shafts. It nourishes damaged hair that keeps the hair soft, smooth, and shiny for a long time. Buy a hair serum according to your hair quality that provides the needed nourishment for your hair. This is one of the effortless home remedies for knotted hair that you can use every day.

  • Use the proper comb

A right comb is essential for hair. Always use big-toothed, soft-bristled combs. To detangle your hair softly, never use a thin-toothed comb first. Last, use the thin-toothed comb after combing with a big and medium-toothed comb. This method will help you to detangle hair softly without breaking your hair.

  • The best method for combining

The combing method is one of the best home remedies for knotted hair. Most of the hair gets tangled up from improper combing procedures. Always start combing from the end of the hair. Slowly go upwards. This will help to clear up all those unwanted knots very quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some nourishing elements that can be used to remove hair knots?

Ans. Natural oils, conditioners, serums, and baby oils help detangle hair instantly.

Does long-term hair washing cause hair knots?

Ans. If you wash your hair vigorously, the hair loosens the softness of the strands, and the hair gets knotted after washing. 

How does serum help prevent hair knots? 

Ans. Serums lubricate the hair instantly, providing an instant layer of smoothness to the strands, so hair quickly becomes unknotted.


I hope this content was helpful to those who have the problem of knotted hair. Try any home remedies for knotted hair that you can do easily at home. You will experience a difference within a few days of application.

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