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Men’s ego is directly connected with the length of their penis. It might sound like a very controversial statement, but it is what it is. Having a micro penis is not only a major threat to sex life but gives huge social and sexual insecurities to men. If not completely, home remedies for penis growth can fix this issue to a satisfactory level.

The most popular theory is “the bigger your penis, the greater your sex life”. Although it is not true always, surely every lady wants a partner with a good size of the penis. So men who are insecure about their penis size often look for home remedies for penis enlargement instead of consulting a doctor. And I think that is okay.

However, I want to share a weird coincidence I have noticed with you. Men who have erectile dysfunction are generally the same men who have below-average or micro penis. Although, there are plenty of cases that contradict the said hypothesis. But the fact is that these two problems often go hand in hand.

And by measuring the weight of anxiety and insecurities, we present a guide for those who are struggling with the issue but are shy enough to consult doctors. Here are the home remedies for penis enlargement. Give it a read to get rid of the sexual embarrassment.

What is a good penis size?

Having a good-sized penis is the basic requirement of having a great sex life. However, there are other things like your performance in bed and the depth of sexual intimacy with your mate. These are very significant for excellent sex life. But without a standard size penis, achieving other requirements is not possible.

To resolve this matter, home remedies for penis enlargement can help. But what is the standard penis size that attracts women? Let’s see!

  • According to psychologists, most women are mentally satisfied with whatever size of penis their men have. If they share a strong bond and are serious about their girls’ satisfaction.
  • But the issue is with men. Most men with micro penis suffer from deep-rooted insecurities that grow inside their minds for a long time. They can try these home remedies for penis growth at home.
  • Average penis size differs by race and geographical location. The average dick size for African guys is 6.5 to 7 inch, while for Asian men, it’s 4.5 to 5.3 inch. So it is crucial to understand that an Asian or European guy can’t get a 9 inch dick by using home remedies for penis enlargement.
  • The length alone can not make your mate cum, if the dick is not thick enough. The thickness of the penis is critical to ensure intense penetration. Thankfully, the average thickness for a standard penis is almost the same for every continent. It is 4 inch to 4.7 inch.

If your dick has a good length but is short in thickness, try home remedies for penis growth. It will give a boost to your dick size both in length and width.

Best Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement

Although plenty of over-the-counter medicines is available for penis enlargement, they claim to give you a massive dick within 4 to 5 weeks. But doctors recommend home treatments and effective exercises over those medicines. Home remedies for penis growth are some exercises that you can do at home.

  • Massage

Massaging can be effective if you are consistent. In this manual exercise, the blood circulation rate enhances through the veins, which gives a boost to stretch the skin of your dick and eventually, it leads to the enlargement of the penis. The method is slow but surely effective. You need to apply lubricant and then massage gently for at least 10 minutes regularly. Massaging is one of the most common home remedies for penis growth.

  • Jelqing 

Jelqing exercise is the faster way to make your dick longer and erect simultaneously. Although jelqing is the most popular exercise men follow as home remedies for penis growth. For an effective result, do the exercise at least once a day. It will increase your dick size and help your dick to erect in no time.

How to do the exercise?

Follow the following steps.

  • Place both of your hands on the dick.
  • Hold it as you do at the time of masturbation.
  • Gently move the skin from top to bottom.

P.S. The intention is supposed to massage the dick, not have an orgasm from the massage. Home remedies for penis growth are supposed to increase your dick size, not to make you cum.

  • Stretching

Stretching is an exercise similar to milking a cow. This is one of the best home remedies for penis enlargement. Apart from jelqing, stretching can also aid to have a faster outcome.

How to stretch

  • Similarly to jelqing, stretching needs only your index finger and thumb. Place your fingers the same as jelqing.
  • Move the skin from top to bottom gently.
  • Do it regularly for at least 20 minutes. ( Ensure that you are not masturbating.)
  • If you have an erection during the exercise, let your dick rest for 10 to 15 minutes and start over.
  • Kegel

Kegel is one of the most effective home remedies for penis enlargement. You need to do Kegel exercise at the time of sex. It is easy and effective if you are consistent. Men struggling with not having an erection at the time of intercourse can also try this.

How to do Kegel exercise?

  • After the foreplay and before intercourse, hold your dick firmly with one hand.
  • Move it from top to bottom gently for around 5 minutes.
  • Once you get an erection, let it loose and penetrate.
  • Penis Pumping Exercise

Although it is considered one of the home remedies for penis growth, it is not an exercise. To pump the penis size up, it needs a pumping device. First, it is needed to be attached to the dick; then, it will give you an instant enlarged and erected penis. Doctors generally prescribe this exercise for guys suffering from erectile dysfunction and a micro penis.

How to do it?

  • At the first step, you will need lots of lubricants. Apply the lube to your dick to avoid inflammation or irritation.
  • Place the device (it looks like a tube) on your penis.
  • Turn the pump on. It will not take more than 5 minutes to have an erection.

Note: When the device is on, you will ejaculate within a couple of minutes. But in the long run, it will increase your penis size. That happens because of the pump, do not worry about your stamina. You’re good!

All these home remedies for penis growth are safe and will not be harmful to your health. Since these remedies are natural, all you need is to be patient with the growth. For instant results, other costly and risky options can give you a coveted penis size within a blink of an eye, like penis enlargement surgeries and other drugs.

Before opting for surgeries and drugs, please try these home remedies for penis enlargement at home. It takes time, but trust me if you are consistent, your partner will be patient too.

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