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How to lose man chest fat? What is man boobs or moobs or male breast? Man boobs also known as gynecomastia. It is an enlargement of man boobs due to excessive growth of male breast tissue. Gynecomastia occurs because of imbalance hormone or increase in estrogen level. Approximately 70% of man suffer from excessive fat on their chest.

Having fat on the male breast is a frustrating and embarrassing problem. Men with enlarge breast look ugly and feel less confident when they meet with people. But there are natural remedies Food and exercises to loose chest fat fast at home.

Chest fat can also occur due to overeating or overweight. It can occur due to health conditions in men such as liver infection, High Blood sugar and blood pressure, heart disease, etc. To lose chest fat fast you need to work on your diet and lifestyle. Also, the regular workout is a good way to get rid of man boobs.

Around 80-90% of man breast occurs due to a high level of estrogen and a low level of testosterone. Estrogen is basically a woman hormone which makes them different from man. When estrogen hormone combined with man breast tissue then breast tissue starts growing as it happens in a woman.

To get rid of man boobs first you have to decrease the estrogen level and increase testosterone level in the body. You can use natural methods and remedies to control estrogen and testosterone hormone.

Control Your Diet to Lose Man Chest Fat

If you want to lose fat, be it on the chest or other parts of the body then you have to work on your diet. You have to eat right and healthy food. Controlling your diet is the best way to lose chest fat.

  • Eat Eggs 

Best way to To Lose Chest Fat is to control your diet. Eggs are a good source of protein, iron, and vitamins A, B12 and D. An egg contains 85 calories on an average. Egg diet can help you to reduce your calories intake because it keeps your stomach fuller.

According to the Rochester Centre for Obesity, eating two or three eggs for breakfast can decrease your calorie intake by 400 calories. So, go for two eggs with green tea or ginger honey tea in the morning to reduce your chest fat.

  • Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh fruits and leafy vegetable contain fibre, minerals and many vitamins which are very beneficial for health. They are very less on calories which helps to burn your body fat. To get your chest in shape add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

You can add carrot, spinach, cabbage, tomato, papaya, broccoli in your diet to reduce chest fat.

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  • Eat Nuts

Nuts help to increase testosterone hormones and decreasing estrogen level. Organic nuts are good foods to reduce man breasts at home. You can include almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts and sunflower seeds in your diet. Within a month you will notice a change in your breast size.

  • Avoid Soy Bean Food

Soybean food increases the estrogen level in the body and helps in growing breast tissue in man. It also causes an imbalance in hormones and that may lead to many hormone-related problems. Instead of soy product, you can go for rice milk, almond etc.

  • Remove Excessive Sugar From Diet

The excessive amount of sugar help to develop chest fat. Avoid foods which are high in carbohydrate because carbohydrates convert into sugar when ingested. To get rid of man boobs avoid foods which contain glucose, fructose etc. Eliminating sugar from your diet will help you to get rid of man boobs very fast.

Top 5 Exercises to Lose Man Chest Fat

Exercise is as important as dieting while reducing chest fat or overall fat from the body.  Daily exercise can reduce your chest within one month. As man breast mainly occurs due to an increase in estrogen hormone and low level of testosterone.

You should focus on increasing testosterone and plan your exercise, lifestyle, and dieting accordingly. Top five exercise to get rid of man breast is listed below.

  • Cardio Exercise

Cardio is one of the best ways to Remove Man Boobs fast. If you control your diet and do regular cardio for one month you will see a significant change in your body.

One thing you should know before making your plan for cardio that many studies show some athletes have lower testosterone levels than a normal person who does not do a workout at all.

So it is better to know the kind of cardio plan you have to follow to reduce fat and increase testosterone level.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy. In HIIT you have to perform short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.

Cardiovascular exercise like running, swimming, or cycling is the best cardio exercise to get rid of chest fat. HIIT increase lactate accumulation which improves testosterone level in the body. And running, cycling and swimming are the best workouts for lactate accumulation.

While you are jogging do a sprint for 10 or 20 seconds because it will burn chest fat as well as whole-body fat very fast.

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  • Chest Exercise

After cardio, you can do chest exercise to Burn Chest Fat in Male. You don’t need to do 5 or 6 exercise to lose fat. 2-3 chest exercise is good to tighten your chest and reduce fat.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Presses– 4 sets
Incline Dumbbell Presses– 3 sets
PEC DEC flies – 3 sets

  • Weight Lifting Exercise

Many people believe that weight lifting only helps to build muscle but in fact, it also reduces chest fat. So when you have done with cardio and chest exercise do some weight lifting. While doing exercise you should keep your body hydrated.

  • Legs Exercise

Leg exercise is as important as chest exercise in getting rid of moobs. It will increase testosterone level in the body which help to cure gynecomastia problem in men. You can do squats, Forward-Backward Lunges, deadlift leg exercise to improve testosterone level etc.

  • Back Exercise

Back exercise is also very important to increase testosterone level in men. It also tightens your muscle and burns fat. Working on the upper back help to develop the wide chest. It will help you look manlier and burn chest fat very fast.

Natural Remedies To Lose Man Chest Fat

After exercise and diet, you need to work out on your lifestyle. You can also use some natural remedies to get rid of moobs.

  • Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a good natural herb to control estrogen level in the body which is a major cause of man breast. It also eliminates harmful toxins from your body and improves overall health.

Soak one tablespoon of flaxseed in water for one hour or overnight and drink empty stomach in the morning.
Alternatively, you can take 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil for 2-3 weeks.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric a good home remedy to improve testosterone level in the body. It contains curcumin which boosts testosterone production in the body. When testosterone level increase in the body, chest fat due to gynecomastia decrease automatically.

You can mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric with water and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes.
Drink this mixture 3 two times in a day for few weeks.

  • Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a good way to eliminate harmful toxins and improve your metabolism. Good metabolism help in reducing fat.

Drink green tea 3-4 times a day. You can add lemon and honey to make it more effective.

  • Dandelion

Dandelion is a good home remedy to reduce the estrogen level in the body. It also helps to break down carbohydrates and increase your metabolism. Drinking dandelion tea daily help to reduce man boobs.

Boil one cup of water and add one tablespoon of dandelion in it.
Let it steep for 10 minutes then strain the mixture.
Drink this dandelion tea while it warms for a month.

  • Consume Zinc Rich Food

Eating food which contains a good amount of zinc help in increasing testosterone production. Zinc deficiency can cause a low level of testosterone. You should consume foods like meat, fish, oysters, crab, beans, nuts and yogurt. Alternative you can take zinc tablets or capsule but should up to 40mg/day.

Final Words

Man breast is a very common health problem these days. Main reasons for excessive fat on the male chest are lack of physical activity, wrong diet, and lifestyle. A man with boobs is an embarrassment and can be underlying health condition known as gynecomastia.

You can get rid of chest fat by changing your lifestyle and diet. Also, hit the gym to get in shape. You can also use natural home remedies to lose chest fat/ man boobs. Please leave your feedback in the comment box.

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