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How to Overcome Depression: Depression is a mental ailment, It can attack any individual man, woman, rich, poor, child, adult, anyone. Some physician says that the reason for depression is a disturbance in the chemicals available in the brain. A depressed person lives in sadness, melancholy, and stress for such a long time that negative feelings surround them completely and leaves them shattered.

Negativity surrounds them in such a manner that no positivity can come out of them. They commit mistakes in every task given to them and find life meaningless. They don’t have any interest in life. In this article, you will come to know how to treat and get rid of depression and Some Natural ways to deal with depression.

It takes time for a person to come out of depression. Anti-depression medicines are available in the market and these are supposed to be a good treatment of depression. These can control depression but there is no test to know how much medicine should be taken or what is the status of those brain chemicals in the brain.

Females are affected more than males by depression. It not only affects our professional and personal relations but your mood, lifestyle, the power to think also. If it not treated or we ignore this disease, it can destroy the life of the Patient.

How to Overcome deal fight cure Depression
How to Overcome Depression

Difference Between Melancholy, Sadness & Depression

It is very important to know the difference between sadness and depression because everybody can be the victim of sadness in any step of life. It is normal to be sad ones in a blue moon but it is problematic when we always are sunk in sadness. Longtime sadness and grief are actually depression. It is important to know more about depression to avoid it.

  • Sadness: Our heart becomes sad and grieved just because of a sad incident.  Depression vanishes after some time or after some happy event and sometimes by the passing time.
  • Depression: There is no particular reason for depression rather the view and vision of the victim are responsible for it. People start realizing sadness in everything. people sink themselves in grieves and sadness without any reason.

Symptoms of Depression

If you have started feeling that your life is finished your good luck has gone believe it you are not the only one. You may find out 5 to 10% of depression affected people in society. Knowledge about the symptoms will help you to take proper precautions and early diagnosis.

  • Feeling sadness and stress every time.
  • Spoilt mood every time for a reason or two.
  • Unhappiness and disliking even in favorite work. Feeling like a burden and irksome.
  • Sleeplessness, unsound sleep or oversleeping.
  • Feeling Tired and Sick all the time.
  • Muscle Pain and Headache.

Common Causes for depression

Worries and stress are the main reasons for depression but circumstances are responsible for it. Depression may be related to physical ailments, problems, trauma or hormonal changes. Some more reasons are there too:

  • Separation from a near and dear one (Breakups).
  • Failure in an exam.
  • Termination from a job or loss of money.
  • Not getting the expected result from hard work.
  • The unwanted increment in debts with no way to return it.

Passive aggression is also the main reason for depression. There are two types of depressions – active and passive depression. People fight and show their anger in active depression but when they cannot show their aggression or anger due to some reasons it becomes passive aggression, these types of people become depressed.


How to Test and Diagnose Depression

Treatment of any ailment is very easy, it could be diagnosed properly. Not only treatment but precaution and prevention could be taken care if a disease is well recognized. Symptoms of depression are different in every person.

Some people experience it only once but most people carry it for a long time. Symptoms can also be traced easily to them. Some more symptoms are as follow:

  • Negative feelings, hopelessness, and emptiness in life.
  • Over or under appetite.
  • Sleeplessness or insomnia.
  • Feeling tired and exhausted
  • Feeling aimless and unable to take the decision
  • Lack of concentration
  • Feeling irritated and unstable
  • Being introverted and making the distance from others
  • Thinking to end life
  • People try to commit suicide

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How to Deal with Depression

  • Don’t leave the patient alone if symptoms of depression prolong for a long time. Treatment of depression is possible. The mental health of the patient is more important than physical fitness because it affects the mind so keeping the patient busy is the main part of treatment.
  • In this disease, people isolate themselves and feel it difficult to break the ice and come out of this self-made prison. The patients are suggested to some good old friends. Make a group of friends who can accompany you for a morning and evening walk.
  • To keep you physically and mentally healthy a good and sound sleep is essential if you have a problem sleeping then consult a doctor or try home remedies but sleep tight. Always remember good things and sound sleep is essential for mental and physical health.
  • Do not use drugs anyhow. Smoking, drinking, or drugging only increase problems. If you are an addict to a drug take the help of others to leave it or take the help of a rehabilitation center.


How to Overcome Depression: Ways to Get rid of it

Depression never goes without treatment. If a person is in depression so something should be done for its treatment. To get rid of this problem consult a doctor as well as use some homely remedies and activities.

1. Daily exercises

  • A depressed person is very lazy and doesn’t like physical activities so keep away irritation and restlessness physical activities are very necessary.
  • 15 to 20 minutes of a fast walk, dance, jogging, and cycling will work.
  • If you feel it boring to exercise alone then ask family members to support you. Regular exercise will bring change in your mood and you will feel good.
  • Include aerobics, Baba Ramdev’s yoga, and meditation in your daily exercise. Meditation and yoga will pacify your anger and will bring solace to you. The negative energy will be out of your body.

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2. Take care of food and Nutrition

  • Tension may cause overeating or under eating.
  • Sometimes the patient does not like to eat at all, on the other hand, some patients eat too much.
  • If depression has affected your hunger and the digestive system then take nutritive food. It will bring positive change in your mood and energy and you will feel good.
  • You should keep on taking food even if your appetite is not good. It will give you energy for a full day of work.

3. Share your problems

Try to find out the reasons for your depression, when you find the reasons for your problems then discuss it with your family members or with your best friend.

Sometimes it is very difficult to accept that you are in depression and to tell others is very difficult and problematic. This disease needs the help of our near and dear ones to fight with it. Talking to someone will bring solace to your heart and it will help you.

4. Let the patient do what he likes

People forget to enjoy life due to depression. To come out of this situation the patient should do desired works like listening to music, dancing, playing games, outing, watching movies, etc.

5. Remind Good Memories

Depression hit your thoughts badly affects these too. You do not like anything and you become hopeless. You should remember a time that has two phases good and bad both.

Life could turn up negative sometimes but it is not permanent. Good time and bad time is cyclic.

Your sweet memories will help you a lot at this time and work as a huge support. Recognize your worth and strength and prepare yourself for a new beginning.

6. Consult the doctor

If depression is left without any care or untreated it may cause many physical and mental diseases.

  1. So, first of all, meet a well known or family doctor and tell him all about your feelings and thoughts.
  2. Sometimes the doctor may refuse or he may not recognize the problem so meet and consult a psychiatrist.
  3. If you can manage to take someone else with you while going to the doctor it will be beneficial. He will help you to understand things and to doctor also. He will work as a mediator.
  4. Besides meeting a psychotherapist test your weight, blood sugar and thyroid.
  5. If your doctor has given you medicine for recovery you should take it at the proper time and in proper quantity.
  6. Pregnant should tell about their pregnancy because sometimes medicines are very strong and may affect the fetus and spoil its health.
  7. Usually, people stop taking medicines just after some relief this very bad and may spoil the health. Treatment of depression continues for more than 9 months and this should be completed otherwise depression may repeat.


Counseling for Depression Cure

Counseling and Medicine Both are required to treat depression. Talk therapy, counseling, and psychosocial therapy are helpful for the treatment of depression this therapy helps you to redirect your life in a positive direction and controls symptoms of depression. This prepares you to face any type of stress in the future in a better way.

  • The result of the initial medicine is visible within two to three weeks. If therapy doesn’t affect in 2-3 weeks then the doctor starts anti-depression medicine.
  • People are scared of the side effects of anti-depression medicine like drowsiness and sleep but modern medicines are different. These medicines help to maintain the balance of mind and have no side effects.
  • To treat depression medicines should not be taken without a doctor’s advice. Some medicine may be sedative and you may be habitual to these medicines.

Depression is Madness?

Even today people misunderstand depression with madness but this is not true. This no doubts a mental disease but to misunderstand it as madness is wrong.

Family support

  • If a person is affected by this problem and do not think of him patient and support him.
  • Do not say hurting words to the patient.
  • Make the patient feel strong and proud.


Homeopathic Remedies & Medicine for Depression

There are good medicines in homeopathy to treat depression. The doctor may study the case properly and will prescribe the medicines accordingly. Some common medicines for depression are written here.

  • Ignatia
  • Nux –V 198omica
  • Pulsatila
  • Arsenicum- Album

Consult the doctor before taking any business otherwise, it may cause loss.


Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Depression

  • Ayurvedic medicines can also be taken to cure depression, melancholy, and stress. You may consult an ayurvedic vaidya for this purpose.
  • Besides these prayers, meditation and chanting of mantras can help to kill negative harmonies. All these things are essential for happy living.

Depressed people are most unhappy, passive and disappointed and feel defeated on every front of life. Some people can even try to commit suicide. If you are depressed then whenever you feel like trying to commit suicide should call a friend immediately or consult a doctor.

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