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10 Natural Ways to Delay / Postpone Periods with Home Remedies

How to Postpone or Delay Periods naturally: Period or menopause is a natural process in a woman life. But, during the menstrual cycle, different women struggle with the different type of pain, sensation or amount of bleeding. The period occurs every month, but sometimes it happens at a wrong time like you have planned vacation, or wedding to attend, or some college or school function. It is very tough to go on vacation, wedding or any function during the menstrual cycle. So most of the women look to postpone their periods in these situations. There are many medicines available to postpone menstrual cycle but the natural way to delay periods at home is the best and free of side effects.

Many women wonder “how can I stop period permanently“, but it is not possible naturally. You can only postpone your periods for some time but nor permanently. Natural remedies are very efficient and proven way to postpone periods. Taking pills can have a harmful effect on your health and damage reproductive organs. So, period delay pill is not a safe way at all. Try natural way so that it won’t affect your health.

How to Postpone Delay Periods home remedies

How to Postpone / Delay Periods

Top Home Remedies to Delay (postpone) periods

Home remedies are considered to be the best way to delay menstrual cycle. Change in your eating habit plays a big role to postpone a period. Follow below home remedies to delay period at home.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar to delay Your Period

Apple cider vinegar is used to treat multiple health problems like psoriasis, yeast infection, typhoid, heartburn, etc. It is also a fantastic natural way to delay period at home. Many women want to stop or postpone their period because of different reasons so drink ACV and get rid of the period for a week.

  • Take one tablespoon of ACV and mix with one glass of water. Drink this natural remedy before going to bed. Do this remedy at least one week before your menstrual cycle.
  1. Licorice Root to Delay Periods For a Week

This natural herb helps to cure mouth ulcer and jaundice but also a proven home remedy for postponing a period. Licorice root is an excellent way to balance your hormone and stop bleeding naturally.

  • Take a cup of drained rice water and add 4 gm of licorice powder to it. Drink this mixture regularly for a week. It will stop your bleeding and delay period.
  1. Sacred Fig to Stop Period

Another excellent home remedy for period delay naturally.  Fig help to regulate body hormone and work as a stress reliever.

  • Take a handful of sacred leave and blend them for 5 minutes with water. Drink this home remedy for a week to stop bleeding. Do this remedy before your menstrual cycle and during the period.

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  1. Gram Lentils to Delay Period Naturally

It is well known that pulses are an excellent source of protein and gram lentils are mostly used pulse. Gram lentils are also very helpful to stop period naturally.

  • Take 100 gm gram lentils, fry them till they become soft and brown. Then grind the brown gram lentils into a fine powder. Now prepare soup keeping gram lentils as the base ingredient. Consume this soup one week before your menstrual cycle to get the best result. Eat this soup in the morning empty stomach.
  1. Parsley Leaves to Postpone Periods

Parsley leaves are good natural medicine to avoid pregnancy and treating menstrual cramps. It also helps to delay menopause. Parsley is a good source of Vitamins A, C, B and B12 which help to control bleeding and period pain.

  • Take half ltr water, add handful leaves of parsley to it. Heat the water until it reaches boiling point. Then strain the water and add one tablespoon of honey. Drink this remedy three times in a day. You should start drinking this before one week of your menstrual cycle. For best result drink this while it still warm.
  1. Lemon to Stop Period Naturally For 10 Days

Lemon contains citric acid which can be used to control the menstrual cycle. It can also cause you extra pain during your next menstrual cycle. But it varies from woman to woman.

  • Take two teaspoons of lemon juice with water one week before your menstrual cycle.
  • You can also chew or suck lemon slide 3-4 times in a day.
  1. Raspberry leaves to stop Period

You have vacation coming which matching with menstrual cycle date. In that case, you must be thinking to take a pill to delay period, but raspberry leaves can help you delay period for a couple of days.

  • Prepare a tea from raspberry leaves and drink one week before your menstrual cycle. It will help you to postpone your menstrual cycle without any pill and side effects.
  1. Angelica Root To Postpone Periods Naturally

Another excellent natural medicine to control period. It works as a stress reliever and regulates your body hormone.

  • Tale raspberry leaves, angelica root and garden sage leaves, add them in a cup of water and heat them to the boiling point. Now let it cool down and keep it in the freezer. Drink two tablespoons of this mixture every day. You should start taking this homemade remedy for one week before your menstrual cycle.
  1. The Chia Seed to Avoid Period Naturally

Chia seeds are very beneficial natural herb to avoid period naturally at home. It helps to maintain hormone balance in your body and also relieve stress.  This natural remedy also helps to control excessive bleeding during period.

  • Take one tablespoon of chia seed and soak in a cup of water for a night. Drink this water in the morning empty stomach.
  • You can also add one teaspoon of sugar for taste. Drink this remedy before 5-6 days of your menstrual cycle.


  1. Gelatin to Delay Period 

Gelatin is an excellent natural remedy to delay period for vacation or any other occasion. If you don’t have gelatin at your home, then you can get it from grocery shops. You should take this remedy 4-5 days before your period.

  • Take a glass of warm water and add one pack of gelatin in it. Keep it for five minutes and then sip it for 15 minutes. Drink this remedy three times in a day for best result.

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Foods to Postpone / Delay Periods

Eating habits play a big role to delay your period. Wrong food can disturb your hormone level and increase the duration of your menstrual cycle. But eating right can help to maintain your hormone level and reduce stress which can help to delay period and reduce excessive bleeding.

  • Increase consumption of banana and sweet potatoes. They are rich in potassium and help to reduce excessive bleeding.
  • Eat pulses because they contain protein which helps to maintain hormone level in your body.
  • Carrot can help you to stop bleeding and reduce the duration of the menstrual cycle.
  • Eat fish or product which contain omega 3.
  • Add yogurt and raisins in your diet because they also help you to control your bleeding.
  • Papaya is another good food to delay period and also help to prevent pregnancy.
  • Try to avoid spicy and junk foods
  • Drink plenty of water to reduce bleeding.


Yoga or Exercise to Delay menstrual cycle

Physical exercise is another simple and very effective method to delay period without pills. Doing workout in the gym or playing an outdoor sport can genuinely help in delaying menstrual cycle. But do not stretch your body too much because that can break your muscle.

You can also perform yoga or aerobics at home to delay period. Yoga will help you to relieve mental stress and maintain good hormone balance in your body. Doing workout daily will also reduce pain during the period. When you start doing exercise, you should also eat healthily.

Many women search for tips or remedy to delay period for few days while they have some vacation or occasion is coming. The period during holiday or wedding can be disturbing and mood upsetting. Taking pills to delay period is very risky because they can have bad side effects on your body. So we recommend you to use natural ways to delay period. Follow above home remedy to postpone the period. If you know about any home remedy which we forget mention write in the comment box below.

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