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How to Stop Nightfall With Natural & Ayurvedic Home Remedies

There many young adults who suffer from nightfall or wet dreams but they embarrassed to admit. But in fact, there is nothing to be embarrassed by because of its health problem which can happen to anyone. Mainly it happens to young adults at the age of puberty but it could happen to grown adults too.

Nightfall happens when a man feels arousal to erotic dreams and which leads to ejaculation. Natural and Ayurvedic home remedies are proven and effective ways to stop Nightfall or wet dreams.

Men who think too much about sex, watch too much porn and masturbate many times in a day can suffer from this problem. Nightfall is good if it’s not happening frequently because it helps in the formation of new semen.  Nightfall twice or thrice in a week is considered to be good.

Nightfall is also known as a nocturnal emission or night discharge. It is a very frustrating and discomforting health issue. Men have a certain capacity to hold semen and when this capacity is overreached, the body wants to get rid of the extra amount of semen in the form of nightfall. Erotic dreams are not the only reason why men suffer from this problem.

Nightfall stops its own when a man passes from adolescence to manhood and start living an active sexual life. For some people, it may not stop its own and one needs to take this problem seriously. If you feel shy to visit a doctor and in fact, you don’t have to visit a doctor because there are home remedies which can cure nightfall permanently.

How to Stop Nightfall by Natural & Ayurvedic Remedies

Symptoms of Nightfall (Wet dreams)


Causes of Nightfall, why it happens?

  • Wet dreams
  • Watching too much porn
  • Thinking about sex
  • Masturbation
  • Weakness of nerves
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Sedentary lifestyle


Myths about wet dreams/ nightfall

  • Nightfall is a very rare health condition.
  • Frequent nightfall can cause erection problems.
  • It only happens to young men, who masturbate regularly.
  • Eating non-vegetarian food can worsen the nightfall problem.
  • Nightfall only afflicts those who are truly perverted.
  • It can make you weak sexually.
  • This cannot be treated because it is a disease of perversion.


Homemade Remedies to Stop Nightfall (Wet Dreams)

Natural remedies are the best way to cure nightfall problem if you are too shy to visit a doctor. Natural herbs work effectively on nightfall problem. Follow below remedies to stop nightfall permanently.

  1. Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle gourd is an effective home remedy to stop nightfall permanently because it cools down your system.

Ways to take Bottle Gourd

  • Bottle Gourd juice with sesame oil- Mix the juice with sesame oil massage it on your head. After 20 minutes have a good warm water bath.
  • Drinking Bottle Gourd Juice – You can drink a half glass of bottle gourd juice before going to bed to get rid of nightfall.
  1. Gooseberry

Gooseberry is also known as Amla. It is a very good remedy for Nightfall treatment and which also improve your immunity system.

Ways to take Gooseberry

  • Drink Gooseberry Juice – Drinking one or two glasses of gooseberry juice or gooseberry powder with water before bed can stop nightfall problem permanently.
  • Gooseberry juice with honey and turmeric- Mix teaspoon honey and turmeric with 1 glass of gooseberry juice. Drinking this mixture before bedtime is another best way to stop nightfall without medicine.

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  1. Almonds Milk

Almond milk is full of vitamins, mineral, and antioxidant that not only treatment for nightfall problem, also make your body stronger.

Ways to take milk and almonds for nightfall treatment

  • Drinking Milk – One glass of warm milk before bedtime can relax your body and provide relief from nightfall.
  • Milk with Almonds- Take 7-8 almonds to soak them in water for overnight and remove the peel in the morning. Make a fine paste of almond, mix with milk and 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink this before going to bed for a better result.
  1. Pomegranate

One of the best home remedy for nightfall. Pomegranate not only stop nightfall also cure its symptoms. It works as an antioxidant which increases blood circulation. It also helps to get a hard erection.

Ways to take Pomegranate

  • Dry Pomegranate- This form of pomegranate is a very effective remedy to get rid of nightfall. Dry pomegranate for 2-3 days in the sunlight. Then make it into powder by grinding them. Mix this powder with 1 teaspoon of honey and take it twice in a day until you get relief from frequent nightfall.
  • Drinking and eating Pomegranate- You can drink pomegranates juice or eat as it is for two to three months to cure nightfall.
  1. Garlic

Garlic is another home remedy to cure nightfall. It contains allicin which improves blood circulation of the genital organs that increase sexual performance. Garlic treats involuntary semen and prevents nightfall.

Ways to take Garlic

  • Chew Garlic- Chew two to three clove of garlic daily before bedtime. Don’t forget to drink water chewing garlic clove.
  • You can add garlic into your meal to stop nightfall.
  1. Onion

Onion is an excellent home remedy for nightfall. It has potent aphrodisiac properties which help to treat and prevent nightfall.

Ways to take Onion

  • Onion Juice- Half glass juice of onion mix with one teaspoon honey, drinking twice in a day can stop nightfall problem permanently.
  • Eating Onion- you can eat onion directly with a sandwich or in a salad.
  1. Sage Tea

It contains a mild sedative property which relaxes your mind and prevents wet dreams.

Way to take sage tea

  • Drink Sage Tea- Drinking sage tea twice a day can prevent nightfall. For better result take one cup in the morning and one cup in the night before going to bed.
  1. Celery Juice

Celery juice is a wonderful home remedy for nightfall problem solution. Taking celery juice with honey can also cure premature ejaculation.

Ways to take celery juice

  • Celery juice with honey- Take 2 teaspoon of celery juice mix with one teaspoon of honey and drink this remedy before bedtime for two months. You can use fenugreek leaves juice instead of celery juice to stop nightfall permanently.
  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is another home remedy to control nightfall, which is also good for health and digestive system.

Ways to take yogurt

  • One bowl of yogurt before bedtime can prevent you from wet dreams.
  • You can take yogurt with every meal.
  1. Regular Workout

Doing exercise daily at home or the gym can control wet dreams and also reduces nightfall frequency. Workout increases your blood circulation which helps to relax your minds and make you sleep peacefully.

  1. Reading Books

Reading books before sleeping considered as a good habit and also a good home remedy for nightfall treatment. Do not read erotic books to avoid wet dreams.

Ayurvedic medicine & Baba Ramdev remedies for Nightfall

In Ayurveda nightfall is known as “swapandosha”. Ayurvedic medicine can help to cure nightfall permanently but for getting better result you have to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle. There are two mainly used natural herbs first is is ashwagandha and second is Shilajit. Follow below ayurvedic medicine for nightfall.

  1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a very common and useful ayurvedic remedy to cure nightfall in men. This natural herb contains withanolides which promote the function and release of sex hormones in men body. It also increases blood circulation in the male genital which leads to hard and long erection and prevents nightfall.

  1. Shilajit

Shilajit one of the most used natural herb for sexual problem. It improves overall health and increases stamina. It helps to increase blood flow in the male genital and making it stronger to sustain erections for a longer duration. You can use Baba Ramdev Shilajit Rasayan ayurvedic medicine for nightfall.

  1. Triphala powder

It is an ayurvedic medicine which is made by drying 3 fruits Indian gooseberry, belleric myrobalan, and myrobalan. Triphala powder also increases your immunity. You can take one teaspoon of Triphala powder before bedtime.

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