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Lamb Scours Home Remedy – 5 Best Natural Ways


Lambs are very delicate when it comes to health. They often get stomach infections without any prior signals. Lamb scours are basically diarrhoea, which can be determined by the sudden increase in faeces excretion volume and frequency. If you are hesitant to try a lamb scours home remedy, be assured that they are influential on the disease.

As we just mentioned, a sudden increase in the faeces volume and frequency is a red flag, and most probably, your lamb has gotten diarrhoea or lamb scours. Additionally, blood and mucous could be present in the faeces and a foul smell. Sometimes, the colour of the faeces changes as well. While the greyish-white faeces are referred to as white scours, the yellowish one is referred to as yellow scours.

Lamb scours can occur in lambs due to numerous reasons. They can be bacterial, viral, parasite, worm infections, or even food poisoning. Studies have shown that if lamb scours are left untreated for an extended period, only 54% of lambs survive. Usually, farm owners keep a lot of lambs, and due to their financial condition, most of them are unable to afford frequent visits to the vet. In these cases, lamb scours home remedy comes in handy more than anything.

If you assume that since a lamb scours home remedy is not as costly as prescribed medications, it is not very effective, you have been mistaken. Let us look at what the options for us are:

Simple home remedies to treat lamb scours

Most at-home treatments are straightforward, and you won’t have much to do. Just follow the proper procedures and take good care of your lamb’s health, and they will get well within a week. If none of the remedies works, then for sure, seek medical assistance. Now, let’s talk about what remedies you can try out to treat lamb scours at home and how.

  • Keep the lambs hydrating

Dehydration is a common problem if lamb scours occur in lambs. As the stool excretion gets more frequent, lambs lose a large amount of their daily required water. So, if the infected lamb does not get enough water in the first few days, the body will gradually collapse.

Providing clean drinking water is the easiest lamb scours home remedy you should try to combat the disease. Keep filling your lamb’s water bowl throughout the day and supervise him if he’s drinking enough water to keep his body hydrated.

  • Feeding activated charcoal

This lamb scours home remedy has been used to treat lamb scours for a long time now. Activated charcoal clears all the toxins from the stomach, essentially cleaning the stomach and relieving the stomach pain due to diarrhoea.

If you administer 500 g of activated charcoal mixed with the drinking water or provide him oral solution once a day, it should treat the lamb scours disease within 6 days of consumption. It can naturally cure the infection in the stomach without causing any harm.

  • Providing electrolytic solution

Electrolytic solutions are considered the best lamb scours home remedy by most lamb owners as well as veterinarians. These solutions naturally soothe the stomach and help in the digestion process without irritating the stomach. Generally, 100-200 ml electrolytic solutions are given 3-5 times per day to treat lamb scours.

These solutions help restores the electrolytes in the body and keeps the lambs dehydrated. Normal water sometimes falls behind to keep the function of nerves and muscles ongoing, and electrolytic solutions do that perfectly.

  • Feeding baking soda

Feeding baking soda to the sick lamb is an excellent lamb scours home remedy you can opt for. Baking soda is an object known for reducing bloating and stomach pain as well as stool emission. As both bloating and stomach pain are symptoms of lamb scours, baking soda is an excellent treatment option to go for.

You can dissolve as much baking soda as possible into 10 ml of water and orally administer it to the sick lambs. If they are not willing to drink it, dose it with a bit of cooking oil and repeat this process once a day, and it should help. However, if they vomit, stop this process immediately.

  • Changing the diet to grass hay

Changing his diet to grass hay is an easy lamb scours home remedy you should definitely try. Lambs already like to eat grass in their healthy days, changing their diet to only premium quality grass hay. This method will reduce the infection and indigestion in the sick lamb’s stomach, thus eventually providing relief from the pain.

You should only provide the leaves of the grass hay as they contain more nutritional value, which will provide the required energy to the lamb’s body. The digestible fibres of grass hay work as a natural lamb scours home remedy for cleaning the stomach.

Feeding probiotics

Probiotics are natural anti-microbial elements that combat microbial infection upon administration. Due to its health-improving nature, it is considered a very innovative and effective lamb scours home remedy.

Probiotics enhance nutrients in young lambs, essentially protecting them from lamb scouts. Giving probiotics to the lambs that got infected from lamb scours as per your suspicion can prevent the further manifestation of the disease.

Segregating the sick lambs from the rest

Although not a conventional lamb scours home remedy, segregating the sick lambs from the rest can eventually save your herd from the additional spreading of the disease. Massaging affected lambs and feeding them grain-free food can be quite beneficial for treating lamb scours. Also, isolation of scouring affected lambs allows you to focus mainly on their diseases. Foods like bananas can be quite beneficial if your lambs are affected by scours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which home remedy for lamb scours is the simplest to concoct?

Although it is quite difficult to point out a single lamb scours home remedy as the best, we can easily pick electrolytic solution as the medium and baking soda as the easiest solution which can be applied on lambs for curing scours in them.

Does baking soda work as an effective solution for curing lamb scours?

Yes, baking soda is an effective and easy to concoct solution for curing scours in lambs and sheep.

Is the electrolytic solution a more effective medium for lamb scours than plain water?

Although plain water has many curative properties, it is more advisable for you to concoct electrolytic solutions and feed them to your lambs to restore electrolytic balance in their body.

Can I rely solely on home remedies to cure lamb scours instead of consulting a vet?

Although lamb scours home remedy is quite effective on your lambs, it is advisable to consult a vet if the conditions of your lambs or sheep worsen. Lamb scours home remedy can be quite a fascinating solution to cure small but potentially persistent diseases as a lamb scours. At the same time, it helps you maintain an overall electrolytic balance and healthy conditions for your lambs.



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