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Giving birth to a child is a blessing and overwhelming. Many women want to give birth to her baby normally. Around the world, 80-85 percent of pregnant women have a normal baby delivery in the 9th month. But 15% of women go for C-section baby delivery due to some medical condition or because of labor pain.

A pregnant woman has to go through immense pain while giving birth to a baby. But there are natural remedies, exercise, and tips by which you can achieve a normal delivery.

The C-section method has become very popular and is taking over the natural delivery method. Nowadays one out of five women gives birth to a baby by C-section. If you are going for C-section when it is not required can be risky for you and your baby’s health.

Why Should You Prefer Natural Delivery Over C-Section?

Giving birth to a baby is a natural process, but it is excruciating. Many women take a painkiller when they are having labor pain or go for C-section.

As this is a natural experience, you should give birth to a baby without any medication until unless there is an emergency. A woman who delivers a baby without medical intervention recovers faster compare to C-section.

Normal delivery is very beneficial for a mother’s health, and it also helps in breastfeeding. C-sections has side effects which last a lifetime, and the scar due to C-section can also impact your confidence and beauty.

Sign/Symptoms of Normal Delivery

  • The abdomen will drop when you step into the ninth month of your pregnancy. It occurs because your baby moves into the lower portion.
  • You will have frequent urination and the ability to hold urine decreases. So you need to stay close to the washroom.
  • Contractions become stronger.
  • You will ache in the lower back.
  • The vaginal discharge quantity will increase, and it will turn into pink and whitish.
  • Diarrhea is also a symptom of normal baby delivery.
  • You may feel blood discharge or mucus from the vagina.
  • Soreness of breast.

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Pregnancy Tips for Normal Baby Delivery
Normal Delivery Tips

Natural Pregnancy Tips for Normal Baby Delivery

Childbirth is a unique natural process. It is not that difficult to bring a baby naturally into this world unless you have any health condition. But now a day’s pregnancy has many complications due to lifestyle, lack of physical activity, or unhealthy diet, etc. During your pregnancy, you follow easy tips to increase your chance to have natural baby delivery.

1. Regular Exercise

Many women have a myth that taking bed rest is healthy during pregnancy and they avoid doing any physical activity. But in fact, regular physical activity or exercise helps a woman to have a normal delivery.

Regular exercise also reduces labor pain by making your thigh and pelvic muscle strong.

You should not do weight lifting or heavy work out. If you are planning for daily work out then consult with your doctor or do exercise under the supervision of a trainer.

You can also do yoga during pregnancy to have a natural delivery.  Yoga will make your body more flexible. It also helps to relax your body and reduce stress. You can take yoga classes from the expertise and perform at home.

2. Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the primary reasons why most women have a complication during pregnancy. So stay away from stress as far as you can. It also harms your baby’s growth. It is important to have a happy atmosphere around a pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, you can read books, or watch comedy movies to lift up your mood. You can also join laughing clubs. Early morning walk also helps to reduce stress. Try yoga and meditation to avoid stress to have a normal delivery.

3. Practice Breathing Technique

Practicing breathing techniques will help you while delivering a baby. It is critical to hold breathing from time to time during labor. So you should start practicing it before the final date.

At least start practicing during the ninth month of pregnancy. It will also help you to reduce stress.

4. Parental Education

Proper education is very necessary for parents who are having their first baby. A good education will help to have natural delivery and growth of the baby.

You can join classes to get an education about childbirth, labor, and pregnancy. You can also get information from your doctor about labor pain management techniques.

5. Get More Sleep

Sleeping helps in the proper growth of the baby. To get sound sleep you should keep your room clean and noise-free, and the light should be dim. Before going to sleep do not drink coffee or tea. Proper sleep also helps your body to relax and be stress-free.  You should take at least 8-10 hours of sound sleep.

6. Healthy Diet

A mainlining healthy diet is crucial in pregnancy. A proper diet also helps in the growth of the unborn child. A healthy diet is necessary to get a stronger body so that you should be strong enough to bear all the pain during childbirth.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and prevent you from urinary tract infection. Eating leafy vegetables and fresh fruit is very beneficial for both you and your unborn baby.

During pregnancy, your body needs more iron so to provide a proper supply to eat more iron-rich food. You need to remove organ meat from your diet. Also, avoid any junk food or street food eating.

7. Perineal Massages

Massage is always a good option to relax your body and get rid of stress. It will make you feel good which is very important during pregnancy.

Perineal massage is a good way to avoid C-section, and you can give birth to a baby naturally. Take this perineal massage after seven months of pregnancy, and it will help you in labor pain.

8. Consult with Doctor Regularly

A good doctor is very necessary during pregnancy. He will guide you throughout your pregnancy and help you to deal with childbirth. You consult with a doctor who believes in standard delivery more than a cesarean one.

A good doctor will always motivate you to have natural baby delivery and prepare you mentally to deal with childbirth.

Tips to Increase Your Chance of a Natural Child Birth

 You need to take extra care of your body to have a natural delivery and proper growth of your unborn child.

  1. Avoid too much weight gain to attain normal childbirth.
  2. If possible spend early labor at home
  3. Eat more dates and healthy food to get a stronger body
  4. Always stay positive and keep yourself away from bad birth stories
  5. Do not stand or sit for a long period. Keep changing your posture for the proper growth of the baby.
  6. Avoid lifting heavyweight.
  7. Make a habit of going for a walk daily in the morning.
  8. Avoid constipation
  9. Always keep track of your blood pressure, blood sugar, and hemoglobin to have natural baby delivery.

Giving birth to a child is a blessing and painful too. Due to labor pain and anxiety, many women prefer to go for C-section. But C-section could be risky sometimes for both mother and baby. Around 90% of women in the world are capable of normal delivery and the rest 10% of women need to go for C-sections or other medical alternatives because of some medical conditions.

Mother will recover fast after delivery as compared to C-section. Follow the above tips for natural baby delivery. Please leave your feedback and suggestion in the comment box.

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