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Everybody knows that yoga and exercise are supposed to be essential to reduce weight but many people are not medically fit for exercises and they cannot do any yoga and exercises. In this article, this will be discussed how to reduce weight without exercises and yoga asana.

Sometimes people feel stuck and irritated with their tummy and fat on the belly area. They leave taking proper food to lose weight. First of all high-calorie foods should be left, it increases weight and tummy fat. So avoid eating things which have excess fat.

Instead, eat healthy food which can burn fat. Let us know some homemade food and drinks which can help in reducing stomach, belly and overall fat.

How to Reduce Weight hunger without Doing Exercise

How to Reduce Weight: Home remedies for Weight Loss

1. Take 1 Cucumber, a bunch of fresh coriander, 1 lemon, 1 teaspoonful grated ginger and 1 tablespoon aloe vera juice. Mix it with half glass of water stir it well and drink it just before you go to sleep. With this Home Remedy, the quick result can be noticed. Belly fat will start melting within a week.

  • Cucumber juice: There are 40 to 45 calories in a cucumber. Cucumber juice before sleeping is helpful to clear the stomach and it helps to drain out fat. Cucumber juice also controls fat.
  • Ginger juice: One spoonful ginger juice daily reduces fat because it burns the fat.
  • Lemon has great powers. It reduces fat, drains out impurities of the body and detoxifies the body. Lemon juice keeps the body fresh and energetic.
  • Coriander: Coriander has very fewer calories. It helps to lose weight and fat.
  • Aloe vera juice: It is very good to take aloe vera juice in any disease. Belly fat and fat can be reduced by drinking 1 cup aloe vera juice daily.

2. There are some homemade drinks which fill appetite for a long time and check hunger, it is very necessary to drink these type of drinks to reduce belly fat and overall fat.

  • Take 1 cup curd, half cup toned milk, 1 banana,1 apple, and ¼ spoon cinnamon powder and mix it to make juice and drink it. This Drink will help to fill your appetite for a long time.
  • Weight can be reduced by taking the juice of spinach leaves, pear, grapes, curd, and lemon juice.

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Tips to Reduce Weight without Exercise

  1. Drink small amounts of water on small intervals to reduce weight, it brings energy to the body and cures the problem of dehydration.
  2. Take salad regularly with food. Drink green tea and lemon tea or other herbal teas. This very beneficial to reduce weight.
  3. Nowadays fast food is the main reason to increase fat so take it out of your meals. Keep distance with pizza, burger, hotdog and cold drinks. Fast food has excess calories which increases fat.
  4. Don’t eat too much or to fill your stomach. Control your diet. You can skip one chapatti ( scone) like if you are taking 4 chapattis, take 3.
  5. Don’t take potatoes, rice, white bread, pastry, papad, and other fat-rich food.
  6. It’s very important to eat proper things at the proper time. So make a diet plan and follow it. Eating by the schedule is very good to reduce weight.
  7. Walk for a few minutes before taking meals it is good for health and digestion. It reduces weight too.
  8. Don’t crush dieting. Eat nutritious food at the proper time.
  9. Take proteins more than anything.
  10. Drink vegetable soup or eat boiled vegetables instead of spicy and oily, fried vegetables. These have fewer calories and less fat.


Do not eat these things to Reduce Weight

We usually take some unhealthy drinks which neither have nutritious values nor are rich in calories. If you want to lose weight do not take these drinks at all.

  • Soda: Soda is rich in sodium. This drink increases weight fast and weakens teeth.
  • Cold coffee: Cold coffee is full of cream and sugar. It contains more than 800 to 900 calories.
  • Packed and preserved juice: Nowadays packed juice is very common and easily available in the market. It contains more sugar and fewer fruits. It also contains more calories than fresh juice.
  • Beer: 1 bottle of beer contains more than 250 calories, excess level of carbohydrates and no nutrients. It increases fat.
  • Energy drinks: Energy drinks have high-level calories due to caffeine and sugar, these not only increase weight but bring lots of diseases also. If you are habitual to take energy drinks, be ready to welcome diabetes.

Hunger is fake too. It means whenever u feel hungry, your body does not require food always. There may be many reasons for hunger,  Stress is one of them. We eat more out of stress. Sometimes we misunderstood thirst as hunger.

When we are free and don’t have any work we eat more. When we start eating more than a requirement, it converts in fat and deposits at the belly line.

There is a simple rule if we eat more, we should work more if we don’t work hard to digest that food it will convert into fat. When we are out of the house we eat junk food mostly which is highly calorific.


How to Control Appetite: Ways to Reduce Hunger

If you are disturbed with your habit of overeating and fake hunger or you are searching the ways to reduce weight, you should apply these methods properly in your daily routine.

  1. Water: if you feel hungry now and then, you should drink a glass of water first of all, if hunger persists then eat. Water is helpful in reducing the side effects of crash dieting like acidity and gastric problems. These may trouble you when you are an empty stomach.
  2. Green tea: Green tea keeps your body healthy and burns fat because it has antioxidants. Take green tea twice a day to control appetite. You can take black tea with green tea for better results.
  3. Soup: Take vegetable soup without cream before meals. It will help you to eat less as you will feel satisfied after taking the soup. Without cream, soup has low calories and is very nutritive. It will also help to compensate nutritive drained out of dieting.
  4. Chilies: Include black pepper and green chilies in your diet compulsorily, it helps to control the appetite and reducing weight later on.
  5. Chapatti (grain): If it not possible for you to resist hunger all of a sudden don’t worry just change the grain. Take barley and gram chapatti instead of wheat chapatti. It reduces the whole body weight not only the weight of tummy.
  6. Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and fibers and low in fat so these help in reducing weight. if you feel hungry after the meal, take fruits or vegetables.
  7. Breakfast: Take proper and somehow heavy breakfast. If you are overweight then take fewer carbohydrates at breakfast. This routine helps in keeping you satisfied for the full day.


Precautions and Tips to Control Appetite

  • Avoid taking too much salt and sugar.
  • Avoid taking spicy food.
  • Avoid eating junk food instead Eat simple food at home.
  • Use jaggery instead of sugar.
  • Take dinner two hours before you go to bed.

Eating lesser than a requirement or keep fasting is not called dieting. Those who want to reduce weight through dieting they feel it difficult because it’s impossible to control hunger all of a sudden. If you want to reduce weight should take proper diet instead of keep fasting.

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